Dr. Robidoux passes

André Robidoux, MD, long-time researcher with the NSABP and NRG Oncology, dies in Montreal

Dr André Robidoux, a many-year veteran of the fight against breast cancer and a devoted member of the NSABP and subsequently NRG Oncology, died July 25, 2020, from cancer, in peace and surrounded by his family, at the age of 72.

Dr. Robidoux was a professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Montreal, a surgical oncologist at the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montreal (CHUM), and a clinical researcher at the Centre de Recherche (CRCHUM).He served as the Scotiabank Chairholder in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer from 2000-2018.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Bernard Fisher, Dr. Robidoux became the Director of the Clinical Research Group for breast cancer at Hotel-Dieu, CHUM, and helped to bring NSABP-sponsored trials to over 5000 breast cancer patients in Quebec.The clinical research group was supported, among others, by one of three awarded NIH NCI treatment and prevention grants for 27 years.In 2010, Dr. Robidoux was a recipient of the Distinguished Investigator Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to the NSABP and oncology research.He served as an elected member of the NSABP Foundation Board of Directors for many years.

Dr Robidoux dedicated his career to the fight against breast cancer. After completing his residency in surgery in Montreal, he pursued a fellowship in the Department of Developmental Therapeutics at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas in Houston, and subsequently joined the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal.

In 2013, Dr. Robidoux published a book for breast cancer patients, “Les Raisons d’Espérer”/ “Reasons to Hope," in which he explains to patients the importance of clinical research and how research has influenced many of the treatments that are offered to patients today.Most recently, Dr. Robidoux’s greatest passion was the creation a clinical research consortium for the province of Quebec, the McPeak-Sirois Group, which united four major university institutions in an effort to improve access to clinical trials for breast cancer patients in Quebec.

NRG Oncology Chair Dr Norman Wolmark notes that Dr Robidoux was one of the strongest leaders our organization has had, a researcher "uniformly acclaimed, both in the United States and internationally, an outstanding participant in our trials, and an integral participant in developing the scientific hypotheses upon which these clinical trials are based.André embodied the spirit and passion necessary for innovative research in breast cancer."

Colleagues describe André Robidoux as a visionary, a prolific researcher, a thoughtful clinician, a skilled surgeon, a caring mentor, and a great human being.His passing is a tremendous loss for his colleagues, friends, and the NSABP/NRG scientists and staff who have worked with him for so many years.We send our condolences to Dr. Robidoux’s wife, Mrs. Rachel Marquis, and his family.

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--With thanks to Saima Hassan, MD, PhD, FRCSC, at the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), Montreal.