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Evolution of the NSABP Foundation Industry Trials

The NSABP Foundation, Inc. headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is an outgrowth of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP), instituted in 1958 as part of the National Cancer Institute's clinical trials program. In 2012, due to a reorganization of the NCI clinical trials groups, NSABP became one of three founding members and sub-recipient of the federal grants now awarded to the NRG Oncology Foundation, Inc. in 2014.  Throughout nearly 60 years of history with NCI, including 15 years as the prime grantee, NSABP legacy clinical trials changed the standard of treatment and prevention in breast and colorectal cancer. Our research sites continue to participate in federally funded studies through NRG Oncology, and have been invited to join the Foundation as Research Collaborators to participate in our industry funded clinical trials program.

The Foundation

In 1995, the NSABP Foundation was incorporated as a nonprofit organization to do cancer research.  The Foundation quickly developed relationships with pharmaceutical and other partners in the private sector.Over the years, these relationships continued to evolve and grow in scope.

In 2002, realizing the need to have experience with new pharmaceutical agents earlier in their development cycle, NSABP established the Foundation Research Program (FRP), in which Phase II studies totally supported by industry were carried out. This allowed the Foundation to test agents in the Phase II setting and be able to move them directly into our Phase III program.

In 2007, NSABP Foundation made the commitment to broaden industry supported trials to include Phase III studies. The NSABP Foundation, with employees dedicated solely to industry supported studies, included these Phase III studies in their growing portfolio.

Through these efforts, NSABP has further enhanced its access to new chemotherapeutic and targeted biologic agents for evaluation in definitive national and international Phase III adjuvant and neoadjuvant trials in breast and colorectal cancers.The Foundation also develops and conducts preliminary Phase Ib/II trials that incorporate new agents for patients with metastatic disease, as well as locally advanced breast and rectal cancers.Tissue procurement for correlative science studies is an integral part of these trials, particularly in studies evaluating neoadjuvant therapies.We continue to expand relationships with the private sector across a wide range of services across a continuum including pre-clinical research through Phase III clinical trials focused on biomarker driven studies.

Today, as an Academic Research Organization, the NSABP Foundation, Inc. has more than 700 research sites in North America and an international network made up of thousands of oncology and research professionals.